Forrest Hills News: Ridgewood Road Repairs Continue

After months of inspection and evaluation, repairs to stabilize the landslide on Ridgewood Drive caused by May 2010 flooding are underway. The landslide created a void underneath the street, which began to crumble along the edges. Jarrett Builders has been implementing the plan developed by engineers to remove the unstable material, fill the void, restore the hillside, and repair the street. Engineers determined that excavation to a depth of 26 feet was necessary to get down to good clay. Gas lines will be relocated and pipes replaced as a result of the excavation.

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Times Free Press: Chattanooga Crews Preparing

Streets for USA Cycling Championships
A small bump in the road isn’t a big deal for someone traveling 20 mph in a car. But when it’s a pack of more than 100 cyclists speeding across uneven pavement at more than 50 mph, that small bump can turn into a major safety hazard…

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WSMV News: Metro Using Infrared Technology

To Repair Pot Holes
Metro Public Works crews are waging a constant battle against pot holes on city streets, but a new piece of technology is now letting workers give problem spots a permanent fix…

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Our Equipment Manufacturer’s Online Demonstration

The Kasi patriot proudly combines, on one chassis, a 48 sq. ft. infrared pavement heater, 2,4 or 6 ton capacity asphalt reclaimer, large tool storage area, compactor compartment, and dumping waste bin. Hydraulic controls add to the ease of operation. The patriot provides a 2-person crew with all the materials and equipment necessary to perform the finest asphalt restorations.

The design, workmanship, and materials incorporated in Kasi equipment are exceptional. The asphalt restorations produced by Kasi equipment will last for years. Innovation insures Kasi Infrared’s position as the industry leader.